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Welcome to Ireland's most luxurious Massage Centre. Our rooms are warm and tranquil to make YOU our customer feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying the best massage Dublin city has to offer.

We are open 7 days a week and are situated right in the heart of Dublin 2 (2 minutes walk from St. Stephens Green) All our team trained at traditional medical and massage schools in Thailand which means we offer a full range of services.

How often do we advise having a massage?

Many of our customers visit us every week in our Massage Dublin Centre as there are so many benefits in having regular appointments. This of course is not always possible for everyone in these difficult times but we feel that their is no better way to relax and unwind. Regular massage enables us to ease those sore muscles around your body which include sore back ache and pains.

Many of our customers that practise sports also visit us regularly before or after a tough match or session in the gym. Massage is ideal for these customers as we can reduce inflammation on all the key muscle areas which helps your body recover and relax for your next workout.

Many of our good customers are local businesses or couples that visit us on Saturday or Sundays. We offer massage deals to all our regular customers regardless if they arrive in groups or alone. You can also choose from a range of massage services which include: Traditional Massage, Hot Oil Massage, Head Massage, Foot Massage, Foot Massage and Hot Stone Massage.

Massage For Stress Relief and Healing

Amazing New Massage For Stress Relief and Healing

We are the only Thai Massage centre in Ireland using the ancient technique of Temple Stress sticks that releases all the tension from your body. Yanika works on many clients that suffer with stress, high blood pressure or heart problems. After your massage you will enter a world of relaxation healing and stress relief. This massage is very specialised and costs €65 per hour.

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