Thai Massage Etiquette

Guide to Thai Massage Etiquette

Thai Massage etiquette – Professional Massage Services

We understand the diverse range of massage services offered in the industry and are proud to provide a solely therapeutic and non-sexual massage experience. Our aim is to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, every time you visit.

Arrival Time We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow for filling out our consultation form and to unwind. Our treatments are timed to end precisely at the originally scheduled time, to avoid delay for the next guest.

Late Arrival In the event that you arrive late, it may impact the duration of your treatment. To ensure you receive your full treatment time, we advise arriving on time. If you are running late, please send a text or call to inform us.

Payment is to be made in advance, either at the reception or through online booking. A €60 deposit is required for online bookings with 2 or more people. All bookings are subject to availability during listed hours and management reserves the right to cancel or change bookings.

Deposit A 50% deposit is required for appointments booking 2 or more hours. Deposits are non-refundable if cancellations are not made 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

Gift Vouchers Gift vouchers are available at the reception or online and make for a perfect gift. Vouchers are non-refundable and must be presented at the time of treatment. The voucher must be printed and presented at the reception to be redeemed. With a quick turnaround time of 24 hours, you’ll receive your voucher via email in no time.

On Arrival Upon arrival, our friendly staff will lead you to your treatment room, where towels and a blanket (for extra comfort) will be provided. The therapist will step out to allow you to undress and make yourself comfortable, then re-enter once you are ready. If oils are used, you can undress to your desired level, but please note that all clients must be appropriately covered with at least their undergarments at all times during the treatment.

During the Session, the therapist will ask a few questions to personalize the treatment to your needs and will ask about any injuries, allergies, or specific areas to focus on. You are encouraged to communicate with the therapist to adjust the pressure during the treatment. If you experience any pain, please inform the therapist immediately. Please note that deep tissue treatment may cause moderate pain that will subside within 24-48 hours.

After the Session, the therapist will leave the room for you to dress. Tipping the therapist is at your discretion and all tips go directly to the therapist.

How often should I have a massage? Regular massages have been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost immune function, and increase circulation. By getting a massage once a week, you can maximize the benefits of massage therapy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the frequency of massages that’s right for you may depend on your specific needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to consult with a massage therapist to determine the best schedule for you

Cancellation Policy Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance and all payments, including deposits, are non-refundable. Vouchers have a 24-hour cancellation policy and Thai Massage is not obliged to offer an alternative appointment if a voucher-booked appointment is missed.

Health Conditions Please inform us of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries that may affect your service when making your reservation.

Loss or Damage For the comfort and safety of our guests, we recommend removing jewelry during treatment. The Thai Massage Center assumes no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables brought onto the premises.

Advance Booking We strongly recommend booking your appointment in advance to guarantee the availability of your preferred service and time.

Mobile Phones For a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, we request that all mobile phones are turned off during your visit.